Dope Buns

Money cash hoes it comes with the fame //
We go with the flow like rainbows in the ghetto

HA! So just when he thought I retired from my blogging pastime I came back with a plan. It’s his birthday, and frankly at some point he got me so mad about my lack of blogging that I had to come back with something big to embarrass him. Here it is, Francis Goodship as a rapper. I’ve been listening to this for about 10 times now and everytime I press repeat the fun increases so right now I’m pretty much lip singing over his verses. This looks like a highschool project and from what I remember about those kind of assignments is that I’m sure they had a high score. 

Happy birthday and now we are officially fair and square.  

P.S : I demand the reunion of The Dope Buns 


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