Don’t look ahead, there’s stormy weather
Another roadblock in our way
But if we go, we go together
Our hands are tied here if we stay

Yesterday, Santigold let loose another song from her upcoming album Master of My Make Believe and let me say I dig this one. I can definitely see myself playing this song on a hot spring day. Disparate Youth is catchy and could’ve easily fit in her first album. I must say I prefer the melodies on this one than on Big Mouth, the first song she released in January. She also decided to slightly animate the single’s cover art in this video ;

The album is due for spring and I sure will try to get my hand on a copy. I can say I really liked her previous album Santogold so I can’t wait to see what she has to offer next. Seeing her in the lineup at Coachella made me quite smile because I’ve wanted to see her for a long time. Here is some of her previous work that’s simply eternally good to me ;

I’m a Lady (Diplo Mix ft Amanda Blank) – Santogold

Starstruck (Diplo Remix) – Santogold

You’ll Find A Way (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix) – Santogold


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  1. oh! totally am in love.

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