You and me between sheets
It just doesn’t get better than this

Although I love hip hop and all, I also enjoy other kinds of music. YES it’s true. You might come across lots of Jay-Z posts over here but I do listen to other stuff and I find it good too. You know that feeling you get when you are away from your family and friends for a long time ? Then you either start having doubts about why you left at the first place, or you deal with it just fine and move on. I guess I can say I am starting to feel the distance. The very best way for me to get past this feeling is to listen to music. Remember two weeks ago when I posted a mixtape from a good friend of mine ? Well he just made another one, this time revealing his own version of how it feels to be away from the ones you love and care about. I didn’t ask him, but I am pretty sure that the title of his mixtape, From da moon with love, was precisely picked to express that notion of distance he gets from his far away land. This mixtape is filled of sugar-coated songs (yes you got that right – because they have that little extra that makes them better than the others) that will leave you in a kind of intergalactical world, trust me.

From da moon with love – Lionheart 

There’s just something about the first track that gets me everytime it plays. I am sure Imogen Heap’s voice is behind something, since last time I hit replay that much was for the song she sings in, I’m God, from Clams Casino.

I’m God – Clams Casino 


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